Wednesday, May 25, 2005

It's Why I Homeschool--One Reason, Anyway!

It is humbling to realize that one of the reasons the Lord has parents teach their children at home is to teach the parents!

One can feel pride swelling up as we think about the supermom homeschooling thing. You know, I taught them how to walk, talk, and read! Fortunately, it is nipped in the bud by teenage daughters who gain a bit of wisdom along the way.

Case in point: I recently started wearing contacts. Not a big deal unless you are over fifty and extremely nearsighted with astigmatism and in need of reading glasses--which I am. After numerous trips to change out one lens or the other, I was expressing my frustration about "never being able to adjust to them and being ready to give up."

My homeschooled daughter (age 17) rightly pointed out that I was complaining and that my words were negative! She reminded me that I was the one who told everyone if you wake up with a scratchy throat and say you are getting sick, then you will get sick. Then she said I needed to decide that I can wear contacts and that they are wonderful. Helpfully she offered the advice that it took her a year before her contacts were really comfortable and that she took a day off every once in a while.

It was one of those moments where you realize God does have a plan and you'd better practice what you preach! Homeschooling is a two way street! Isn't that the way? God has you teaching but he feeds you at the same time.

Hope you are learning something wonderful today and enjoying your children!

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